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2 min readDec 19, 2022


A new project is launching its own utility token, MDUSA, combining blockchain technology services with entertainment, offering a sustainable and resilient value to its users.

Medusa Protocol is a growing web3 ecosystem of DeFi services, gaming and entertainment, powered through blockchain solutions. MDUSA is the governance and ecosystem token of the protocol.

Recently, the team has launched their first dapp, a staking-as-a-service platform for any token to build a custom staking pool at a low cost: MESP Dapp. Currently live on BSC Chain, with multichain support coming in January 2023.

The MDUSA project is set to launch sometime in the 2021.

MDUSA Token is a deflationary ERC20 smart contract. With total supply of 100 million tokens, this utility token incorporates auto-burn and auto-liquidity functions, are reflecting underlying value from the protocol through on-chain fees charged on services provided within the ecosystem. The token is the governance token of the ecosystem, used to incentivize users who participate in the project. On every transaction, there is a fee of 5%, with 60% of it directly added to liquidity, and 40% distributed to Medusa Treasury.

As for coming big news within the ecosystem, comes the first episode of OceanCats Animated Series, a web3 comedy cartoon show about a world where everyone is an otter, under construction at the Medusa Protocol, backed by a community of NFT holders.

Also anticipating, Medusa Token Launcher Dapp, a code-free smart-contract deployment platform, with many free custom contracts for any need, coming on the next few months.

One of the perks of launching on bears, is that it positions the project to be prepared for the bull.

To incentivize for new users to help us test our dapps and growing our ecosystem, we will be doing a small airdrop.

The airdrop will consist of tokens on the testnet, that will be later converted in MDUSA tokens, as well as presenting several more utilities within the MDUSA ecosystem:

  • Whitelist and mint spots at every project / token / NFT within the Medusa Ecosystem;
  • Airdrop of the real MDUSA tokens;
  • Premium Chat Group;
  • Access to the gen 0 — whitelist-only minting of OceanCats NFT Collection.

If you want to apply to join Medusa Protocol’s Early-Sale, a token airdrop, and other surprises, get whitelisted here.


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