A Web3 Ecosystem of DeFi, Gaming and Entertainment

Medusa Protocol is a Web3 Ecosystem of DeFi, Gaming and Entertainment.

A startup focused on delivering out-of-the-box solutions to the blockchain environment.

We then decided to create a whole ecosystem of projects powered by our startup, a Web3 venture builder developing a whole range of services and projects.

We started to work on these projects and started to release new information. People from different fields within crypto were getting interested.

From the fans of NFTs, to the fans of DeFi tokens, Medusa Protocol is capitalizing this diversity and using it as a path to grow our community as a whole.

We wanted to ensure that investors of MDUSA tokens are awarded by betting on our success, so we created a set of smart contracts with the direct connection among our blockchain projects, ensuring that all projects within the ecosystem are connected through the MDUSA token.

Find out more at our website at medusaprotocol.com.



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Medusa Protocol

Medusa Protocol


Web3 Venture Builder powered by crypto. Exploring promising DeFi opportunities within our ecosystem. Find us at medusaprotocol.com