Celestia Game — An Introduction

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2 min readAug 3, 2022

Powered by the blockchain and fully developed in Unity, Celestia Game is a hybrid between a card and board game, mixing the best of both worlds, with mechanics from both game styles working together to deliver a fresh experience to both card and board game enthusiasts.

While grinding to achieve the best possible combination of cards to succeed on the battlefield, we wanted players to be allowed to not only find these cards from the game itself, but by trading with other players, hence implementing a fully functional trading card game aspect to it.

For this to become a reality, cards would need to have a real value to them, and this was possible by making Celestia’s cards NFTs. Not only will players be able to trade for cards, but cash out their NFTs, hence allowing for the play-to-earn feature to also be present in this project.

Players will initially be gifted a random deck of cards free of charge from a pool of non-NFT collection. With these, they will then be able to challenge other players on both casual and ranked matches.

While winning on casual matches, the players will be granted points used to forge new cards from the non-NFT collection pool and create a deck that best suits their playstyle.

The ranked scene, however, is where the metagame will reside. Playing this mode introduces a player to the rank system. The higher one’s rank, the more they may be given as they progress through different levels of player ability.

Possible rewards in the ranked matches include, but not limited to, quantistellar credits, the $CEL token (used to conduct all transactions on the in-game store and marketplace) and booster packs.

Find out more about Celestia Game at https://celestiagame.com/and more about the company at https://medusaprotocol.com/.



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