#MDUSA, Medusa Protocol Governance and Ecosystem Token

#MDUSA is a Binance Smart Chain token, that is the governance and ecosystem token of the Medusa Protocol.

From start we envisioned the creation of the token that rewards holders for investing at Medusa Protocol, a crypto venture builder.

We had some obstacles to pass to create our Medusa Ecosystem smart contracts.

We needed a:

With these points in mind, we started to conceptualize the MDUSA token.

The benefits of investing at #MDUSA are:

These as just the initial utilities as the team is always thinking of new ways to expand our utility range and harvest the benefits that will come with time for the holders of MDUSA.

The #MDUSA Token will be the governance token of the Medusa Protocol Ecosystem.

All other tokens within the Medusa Ecosystem will be linked to the governance token through fees.

In terms of tokenomics:

MDUSA has a fixed supply of 100 000 000 MDUSA tokens (one hundred million).

In terms of transaction fees, investing at MDUSA has a transfer fee of 5%, which is allocated for the business and liquidity purposes.

3% of the fee is for business purposes, including marketing, team, structure and other expenses;

2% of the fee is allocated for the liquidity pool.

Our focus with these tokenomics is to explore volume and keep on consolidating and raising the liquidity of the MDUSA token.

This will also happen through the buybacks and burns of revenues from the projects within our ecosystem.

Find out more about the Medusa Protocol at our website.



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