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Medusa Protocol
2 min readDec 9, 2022

Medusa Protocol is a growing ecosystem of DeFi Services, Gaming and Entertainment, powered through blockchain solutions. MDUSA is the governance and ecosystem token of the protocol. The Medusa Protocol provides a suite of decentralized products and projects, within its ecosystem, including a fully decentralized code-free staking protocol, a coming decentralized multi-chain token launcher, and the OceanCats Project, a web3 animated humour cartoon series, powered by its community.

By launching on the Ethereum blockchain, the Medusa Protocol has a number of advantages.

First, by launching on Ethereum, the protocol benefits from a larger network of potential holders.

Furthermore, launching on Ethereum provides a greater level of developer support, which is integral to the success of any DeFi platform. The platform already enjoys high liquidity, as well as a larger pool of developers and resources, making any innovation and development on the platform much easier than on BSC.

Additionally, by launching on Ethereum, the Medusa Protocol benefits from the network’s more robust infrastructure and underlying technology. Ethereum is built using a more secure, consensus-based protocol and is supported by a growing number of tools and services that enable developers to rapidly build and launch DeFi applications in a secure and reliable environment. This allows users to trust the platform and supports the growing popularity and usage of DeFi applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cons are the gas on bull runs. But since we are launching on the middle of the bear, the gas fee is quite low (2–3$).

In summary, the Medusa Protocol token and OceanCats NFTs will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol enjoys high liquidity, larger developer support, and better infrastructure and underlying technology. This makes it the perfect platform for users looking to utilize the many products and services that the Medusa Protocol offers.



Medusa Protocol

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