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2 min readNov 24, 2022


Last months have been of many developments at Medusa. From MESP Staking-as-a-service dapp recently released, to an awesome empire starting with OceanCats!

On the next months, we will be focusing on:

- Keep on closing new partnerships with projects seeking to stake with MESP Dapp;

- Getting the dapp listed on more platforms;

- Update MESP Dapp with new features and support to other chains, currently only available for BSC projects;

- Working on the development of a new dapp for people wanting to explore the blockchain without code;

- Release of the first pilot episode of OceanCats Series. The first episodes will be available at our YouTube;

- Introduction of the Otterly Fabulous’ podcast;

- Mint event at OceanCats;

- OceanCats Initial Merchandising;

- Start to meet with strategic investors;

- Launch of MDUSA Token;

The path is definitely ambitious. You can check at our roadmap.

Some may be asking if we are not using all news before token launch. Not at all, these are the first features and utilities to give you and new investors a taste of what is coming on the next years.

OceanCats is literally just starting. Ngl we aim for OceanCats on a big streaming platform. Celestia Game will soon come back to our line of work. And much other DeFi features to come.

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